Cancarb Supports Mental Health Campaign

Cancarb Supports Mental Health Campaign

Cancarb is proud to have been able to support the Medicine Hat and District Health Foundation’s “Giving Hope for Mental Health” campaign. Throughout the month of May, Cancarb encouraged our staff to make donations to the pediatric portion of the campaign, and in return, match dollar for dollar with corporate funding. Combined, we raised just over $8,900. You can check out the press release here for more information.

Cancarb President Recognizes Dedication to Food Bank Support

Cancarb President Recognizes Dedication to Food Bank Support

Cancarbs’ own Vice President, Quality and Development, Ross Buchholz, has been spear-heading the volunteer work we’ve recently been fortunate enough to do for the Medicine Hat and District Food Bank, and this type of leadership simply cannot go unnoticed.  Cancarb President, Peter Donnelly, planned a surprise presentation on June 7 to show Ross how much the Cancarb team and Food Bank staff appreciate his hard-work and dedication to this #CancarbCares cause.

Over 1000 hampers delivered, all because Ross stepped up where he saw a need; we couldn’t be more proud! 

Recycling + Hydrated Workers = a $2500 Donation to the Medicine Hat Skateboard Association

Our unit 6 project Safety Coordinator, Tim Price, had a thought… If we save every bottle and can each worker on the Unit 6 expansion project uses over the course of this construction, we would be able to make a donation to a great local organization. So, we did just that. 

After taking up a 16-month collection of recycled bottles and cans, plus an additional donation from some of our contracting partners and ourselves, we were able to present the Medicine Hat Skateboard Association with a $2500 cheque.  The MHSA is an important organization in our community, promoting outdoor activity and a positive group environment for kids of all ages. It also holds a special place in Tim’s heart!

After 3 years of planning, 16 months of constructions, 53 individual contracting partners, and the hard work and dedication of our team, Cancarb is proud of the safe and successful completion of our 6th Unit.

Click here for more information on the Unit 6 expansion

Legacy Tree Planting Initiative

Recently, Cancarb was given the opportunity to give back directly to our community:

The City of Medicine Hat and Cancarb Limited continue a decades-long relationship through a new legacy tree planting initiative.

A monetary contribution by Cancarb Limited will add 20 trees near the beach volleyball courts in Kin Coulee Park. Cancarb employees have also volunteered to assist City Parks and Recreation professionals in planting the trees on Thursday, Sept. 17, weather depending.

“When Cancarb suggested making an environmental contribution to our community, we aligned their intention with the City’s environmental strategy of increasing our tree canopy within the city,” says Dave Genio, Superintendent of Parks Maintenance with the City of Medicine Hat. “A robust canopy has a very important environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions and maintaining overall health of a community.”

Owned by Tokai Carbon Group from Japan, Cancarb Limited is a globally-recognized leader in the development, manufacturing, and global distribution of medium thermal carbon black – an ingredient used in the production of rubber, plastics, insulation, concrete, graphite and more. The plant and all 80 of its employees are located in Medicine Hat.

“Sustainability is core to our business,” says Peter Donnelly, President of Cancarb. “We have a social responsibility to the community in which we work and live. This legacy tree project allows us to combine our social initiatives with environmental responsibility and in turn, help maintain the beauty of one of Medicine Hat’s favorite parks for generations to come.”

The partnership will see six oak trees, six linden trees, four spruce trees and four pine trees added to a location housing some of the oldest trees in the city.

Outside of this new initiative, the City of Medicine Hat and Cancarb enjoy a long-standing cooperative operating relationship. The process of manufacturing carbon black produces an abundance of waste heat, which until nearly two decades ago, was simply expelled. In 2000, the City and Cancarb established an environmentally proactive agreement whereby Cancarb now pushes that waste heat through a heat recovery steam generator and produces electricity, contributing 27 Mw to the overall electric capacity of the City of Medicine Hat.

“The City’s relationship with Cancarb is an important part of our power generation business. This legacy tree project is an example of their exceptional corporate citizenship and we are proud of our corporate partnership,” adds Brad Maynes, Commissioner of the City’s Energy and Utilities Division.

Cancarb is currently under a $40 million expansion with their sixth production unit set to begin operation this fall. For more information about Cancarb and its products, please visit…”

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YMCA River Run

Cancarb is the title sponsor for the YMCA River Run, which has been held in June for each of the past 35 years. Cancarb employees certainly enjoy the volunteer opportunities the event generates which often includes more than 25% of our staff. In addition to promoting community wellness, the YMCA River Run raises money for the YMCA’s various wellness programs which target community members of all ages.

The Robb Nash Project

In March 2020 Cancarb was a major sponsor of the Rob Nash Project in Medicine Hat. This is an immersive concert experience that engages young people through the power of music and storytelling to address topics related to mental health such as depression, self-harm, addiction, bullying, and suicidal ideation. The Project is very highly regarded having received many accolades including the Governor General Service Medal, as well as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Robb Nash Website



United Way South Eastern Alberta

Cancarb is an ongoing patron of the local United Way, matching the first $5000 of employee donations each year during their annual fundraising drive. In 2019 together we proudly raised a total of $22,598 for this very worthy community charity.



Cancarb Educational Scholarships

Cancarb provides scholarships totaling > $4200 every year to various local junior high, high school and college students supporting them in their educational dreams.