#CancarbCares: Cancarb/Town of Redcliff Tree Partnership in Lions Park Redcliff

Cancarb Limited is cooperating with The Town of Redcliff in a new legacy tree planting initiative.

A monetary contribution by Cancarb Limited will add 16 trees to Lions Park in Redcliff. Cancarb has also volunteered its employees to assist the Town in planting the trees on Thursday, Sept. 22, weather depending. The partnership will see 4 Mayday, 4 white ash, 4 elm, and 4 Hawthorn trees planted in the park alongside some of the oldest trees in the Town.

“Many of the trees at Lions Park are nearing the end of their life and it’s a perfect opportunity for us to make an environmental contribution to our community” says Peter Donnelly, President Cancarb. “Sustainability is core to our business. We are pleased to combine our social initiatives with the environmental responsibility of reducing our carbon footprint, and in turn, to beautify one of the parks in our area.”

#CancarbCares: Greenhouse Gives Back to Root Cellar

Cancarb’s on-site Greenhouse continues to be a success thanks to the volunteer work of employees, retirees, and summer students. In 2022 thus far, Cancarb has been able to harvest approximately 100lbs of tomatoes to deliver to the Medicine Hat Food Bank Root Cellar Food and Wellness Hub. In the photo above, Cam and Jerimy deliver our most recent crop.

“The Root Cellar is a homegrown solution for sustainability. Our Food and Wellness Hub is a central location for all levels of society to connect, access resources and participate in the greater community through the power of local food.”

More information on the Root Cellar, and the Medicine Hat Food Bank as a whole can be found here: https://www.mhfoodbank.com/

#CancarbCares: First Aid Supplies for Ukraine

Cancarb employees gathered first aid supplies to send as part of an emergency aid shipment to Ukraine. They donated a total of 138 pounds of medical aid which will be shipped to Warsaw and transported across the Poland-Ukraine border.

Cancarb Supports Mental Health Campaign

Cancarb Supports Mental Health Campaign

Cancarb is proud to have been able to support the Medicine Hat and District Health Foundation’s “Giving Hope for Mental Health” campaign. Throughout the month of May, Cancarb encouraged our staff to make donations to the pediatric portion of the campaign, and in return, match dollar for dollar with corporate funding. Combined, we raised just over $8,900. You can check out the press release here for more information.

Cancarb President Recognizes Dedication to Food Bank Support

Cancarb President Recognizes Dedication to Food Bank Support

Cancarbs’ own Vice President, Quality and Development, Ross Buchholz, has been spear-heading the volunteer work we’ve recently been fortunate enough to do for the Medicine Hat and District Food Bank, and this type of leadership simply cannot go unnoticed.  Cancarb President, Peter Donnelly, planned a surprise presentation on June 7 to show Ross how much the Cancarb team and Food Bank staff appreciate his hard-work and dedication to this #CancarbCares cause.

Over 1000 hampers delivered, all because Ross stepped up where he saw a need; we couldn’t be more proud! 

Recycling + Hydrated Workers = a $2500 Donation to the Medicine Hat Skateboard Association

Our unit 6 project Safety Coordinator, Tim Price, had a thought… If we save every bottle and can each worker on the Unit 6 expansion project uses over the course of this construction, we would be able to make a donation to a great local organization. So, we did just that. 

After taking up a 16-month collection of recycled bottles and cans, plus an additional donation from some of our contracting partners and ourselves, we were able to present the Medicine Hat Skateboard Association with a $2500 cheque.  The MHSA is an important organization in our community, promoting outdoor activity and a positive group environment for kids of all ages. It also holds a special place in Tim’s heart!

After 3 years of planning, 16 months of constructions, 53 individual contracting partners, and the hard work and dedication of our team, Cancarb is proud of the safe and successful completion of our 6th Unit.

Click here for more information on the Unit 6 expansion