Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Elastomer Sealing Performace in Hydrogen Fuel Cells using Thermax 990. Partnership with RD Abbott, Cancarb, & Arlanxeo.


Thermax® application Refractories Thermax® carbon black can improve performance of monolithic, castable, carbon brick and basic carbon brick refractories. It can enhance resistance to thermal shock, heat, chemicals and active slag, increase refractory density, and improve in-situ carbide formation. Castables containing Thermax® require less water to reach normal casting flow, resulting in higher density and […]

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High Temperature Insulation

Thermax® application High Temperature Insulation High temperature processes require high performance insulation materials to minimize energy loss and maintain ambient plant temperatures acceptable for personnel and equipment. Thermax® carbon black effectively addresses conductive, convective and radiative heat loss from furnaces and reactors at temperatures up to 3,000 ºC. TECHnical bulletins AllHigh Temperature Insulation Thermal Conductivity […]

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Carbon Composites

Thermax® application Carbon Composite When added to the resin before impregnation, Thermax® carbon black can increase carbon deposition thereby reducing the time and cost involved in densification of carbon-carbon composites. It is also a premier product for thermal insulation in CVI (chemical vapour infiltration) and graphitizing furnaces. TECHnical bulletins AllCarbon Composites Thermogravimetric Analysis of N991 […]

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Thermax® application Ceramic Previous Next The particle size distribution and chemical purity of Thermax® make it an excellent product for porosity control in ceramics manufacturing. It can also serve as a high purity reducing agent in making products such as titanium diboride. Thermax® is also an ideal choice for insulation of high temperature kilns and […]

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Thermax® application Specialties Previous Next The high chemical purity of Thermax® carbon black makes it an ideal candidate for specialty and advanced materials where inorganic contaminants are undesirable. TECHnical bulletins AllSpecialties Coloured Glass Production Thermax® N990 was added as a reducing agent during coloured glass production. The high purity and greater surface area of N990 […]

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Thermax® application Graphite Previous Next When added to the mix for synthetic graphite production, the broad particle size distribution of Thermax® carbon black results in a denser, stronger, finer grained graphite for specialty applications. Thermax® is also an excellent choice for packing carbon and for insulation in graphitizing furnaces. TECHnical bulletins AllGraphite Thermogravimetric Analysis of […]

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