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Thermax® application


Thermax® carbon black can improve performance of monolithic, castable, carbon brick and basic carbon brick refractories. It can enhance resistance to thermal shock, heat, chemicals and active slag, increase refractory density, and improve in-situ carbide formation. Castables containing Thermax® require less water to reach normal casting flow, resulting in higher density and less porosity.

Thermax® Grade



Thermax® N990REF is a pelletized product designed for refractory applications

Specification Sheet

TECHnical bulletins

Taphole Clay

Thermax® N990 replaced graphite in a taphole clay composition resulting in decreased porosity and increased cold crushing strength.
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Basic Carbon Refractories II

The advantages of using Thermax® N990 in basic carbon refractories are discussed along with SEM, TGA, and ESCA results which illustrate the beneficial properties of N990.
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Basic Carbon Refractories I

The advantages of using Thermax® N990 in basic carbon refractories, including increased residual carbon content and improvements in thermal and chemical resistance, are discussed.
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Announcement on Cancarb Power Plant Operations

The Cancarb Power Plant is currently offline for a scheduled maintenance. As a result, waste heat is being exhausted through the bypass stack to atmosphere.

The maintenance work is expected to be completed by Saturday, January 14 with operations resuming Sunday, January 15 at which time the bypass stack will be closed and the waste heat directed to steam generation.