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Thermax® application

Carbon Composite

When added to the resin before impregnation, Thermax® carbon black can increase carbon deposition thereby reducing the time and cost involved in densification of carbon-carbon composites. It is also a premier product for thermal insulation in CVI (chemical vapour infiltration) and graphitizing furnaces.

Thermax® Grade



Thermax® N991 powder is a non-pelletized product designed for use in low shear force mixing systems.

Specification Sheet


Thermax® Ultra Pure

Thermax® Powder Ultra Pure is a non-pelletized powder form of N990UP.

Specification Sheet


Thermax® Stainless

Thermax® N908 Stainless Powder is a non-pelletized product with low extractable organics for use in non-staining and low shear force mixing applications.

Specification Sheet


Thermax® Ultra Pure

Thermax® N908 Stainless Powder Ultra Pure is designed for critical applications where the highest carbon purity along with low extractable organics are of the utmost importance.

Specification Sheet

TECHnical bulletins

Thermogravimetric Analysis of N991

Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) is carried out on N991 and N991UP samples under isothermal conditions.
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Thermal Conductivity of N991

The thermal conductivity of N991 versus temperature at different packing densities is measured. Also, the high temperature thermal conductivity is measured using LFA.
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Announcement on Cancarb Power Plant Operations

The Cancarb Power Plant is currently offline for a scheduled maintenance. As a result, waste heat is being exhausted through the bypass stack to atmosphere.

The maintenance work is expected to be completed by Saturday, January 14 with operations resuming Sunday, January 15 at which time the bypass stack will be closed and the waste heat directed to steam generation.