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Thermax® application


The high carbon purity of Thermax® Ultra Pure grades makes these products the premium choice for metallurgical applications. Thermax® Ultra Pure grades contain very low levels of sulphur and other elemental contaminants. They find wide use as carburizers for such products as tungsten carbide and high purity silicon carbide, and as reducing agents for production of high purity metals such as solar grade silicon.

Thermax® Grade


Thermax® Ultra Pure

Thermax® N990 Ultra Pure has extremely low levels of elemental impurities.

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Thermax® Ultra Pure

Thermax® Powder Ultra Pure is a non-pelletized powder form of N990UP.

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Thermax® Ultra Pure

Thermax® N908 Stainless Powder Ultra Pure is designed for critical applications where the highest carbon purity along with low extractable organics are of the utmost importance.

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TECHnical bulletins

Metal Carbide

Thermax® N990/N991 Ultra Pure can be used in the production of metal carbides to minimize impurities, enhance density, and improve final product properties.
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Announcement on Cancarb Power Plant Operations

The Cancarb Power Plant is currently offline for a scheduled maintenance. As a result, waste heat is being exhausted through the bypass stack to atmosphere.

The maintenance work is expected to be completed by Saturday, January 14 with operations resuming Sunday, January 15 at which time the bypass stack will be closed and the waste heat directed to steam generation.