Applications - Rubber

High loading for cost reduction is only one of the benefits rubber compounders can expect from Thermax®. Easy mixing and good dispersion, excellent processing, smooth extrusion, excellent dynamic properties, low grit compounds, reduced compression set and low electrical conductivity are all part of the Thermax® advantage.

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Tech Bulletins:
BIMS Inner Liner Compounds (PDF - 245K)
Butyl Rubber Compounds (PDF - 259K)
Butyl Rubber Condenser Packings (PDF - 232K)
Chloroprene Rubber (PDF - 270K)
Dynamic Properties in EPDM and NR (PDF - 297K)
Electrical Conductivity (PDF - 241K)
Electrical Resistivity (PDF - 235K)
EPDM Compounds (PDF - 275K)
Epichlorohydrin Compounds (PDF - 223K)
EPDM Engine Mounts (PDF - 305K)
EPDM Profiles (PDF - 238K)
EPDM Tire Flaps (PDF - 246K)
Fluoroelastomer Compounds (PDF - 224K)
FKM CCSR Study (PDF - 422K)
Halobutyl Tire Inner Liners I (PDF - 244K)
Halobutyl Inner Liners II (PDF - 249K)
HNBR Compounds(PDF - 244K)
Medium Thermal Carbon Black in HNBR Rubber Compounds (PDF - 190K)
Millable Polyurethane(PDF - 351K)
N990 in Natural Rubber Automotive Bushings (PDF - 463K)
N990 Medium Thermal Carbon Black in Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene Rubber (PDF - 60K)
NBR (PDF - 247K)
NBR O-Ring Compounds (PDF - 233K)
Natural Rubber and Chloroprene Wiper Blades (PDF - 220K)
Natural Rubber Engine Mounts II (PDF - 281K)
Natural Rubber Engine Mounts I (PDF - 261K)
Polyurethane Roofing Compounds (PDF - 200K)
Polyacrylates (PDF - 263K)
SBR Bead Wire (PDF - 225K)
Standard and High ACN Nitrile Rubber (PDF - 298K)
Thermal Furnace Blend in NBR (PDF - 278K)
Thermal Furnace Blend in Polychloroprene (PDF - 184K)
Thermal Carbon Black in NBR/PVC Rubber (PDF - 297K)
Thermax® in HNBR Automotive Hose ***NEW STUDY*** - (PDF - 206K)
Thermax® N990 in Spiral Wire Reinforced CR Hydraulic Hose (PDF - 249K)
Thermax® N990 Thermal Carbon Black in Nitrile Rubber Compounds (PDF - 130K)
Tire Bead Insulation (PDF - 178K)
Tire Curing Bladders (PDF - 281K)
Wire & Cable Applications (PDF - 258K)