Tokai Carbon Co., Ltd.

Tokai Carbon Company is the largest and the longest serving carbon black producer in Japan, having been in production for over 97 years. Tokai's own unique technology has contributed to the rapid growth of the firm, both in terms of product quality and production. As an indispensable addition to automobile tires, belts, vibration-control rubber, electric cable cladding, hoses, and rubber soles of shoes, etc. carbon black reinforces and strengthens the rubber used in these various products. It can also be used as a coloring agent in inks, paints and plastics, and as a conductivity filler for plastics.

By adding Tokai furnace grades to our Thermax® medium thermal carbon black line, Cancarb now offers a complete range of carbon black products to our valued customers along with the trouble free customer service our customers have come to expect and enjoy.