News Release


A Viking Boat Odyssey - Et Eventyr!

Do you ever wonder where Thermax® is used...we always marvel at some of the interesting applications we thought the following application was so unique we wanted to share it.

December 21, 2011 -- On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Danish Canadian Museum and Gardens, we thank Cancarb for sending the sample of Carbon Black. I have attached some pictures of exactly what it was used for, and I am happy to say it did a great job.

The first picture is of a replica Gokstad faering (Gokstad is the site of a Viking era burial find, and the fearing is a four oared wooden boat uncovered from the burial) commissioned by the Danish Canadian Museum and constructed in Roskilde, Denmark.

The traditional paints were made from lamp black and yellow ochre, and the second picture shows the tests made of the powders and linseed oil, to replicate these traditional paints.

The Thermax® made an excellent colorant for the oil and the bottom left picture shows the finished boat after a long day of painting.

Those are my boys in the bottom right picture (it was a cold morning, hence the balaclavas), they helped paint.

There were more (and better) pictures taken throughout the day, and will be published in a Museum newsletter, click here to read more...

Once again, thank you for your support.
Best regards,
Paul Elliot
Danish Canadian National Museum & Gardens