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Cancarb and COPCI Announce New Thermax® Partnership in France

November 6, 2017 - Cancarb Limited

Cancarb Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of COPCI sas as Cancarb's new authorized distributor for Thermax® brand thermal carbon black in France effective February 15, 2018.

"Our new partnership with COPCI sas will re-energize our efforts in marketing Cancarb's Thermax® products in France" said Ken Tate, Cancarb President. "COPCI will offer Cancarb's customers a superior customer service experience, as well as technical assistance and complementary products. COPCI is owned by Cancarb's German distribution Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH providing the advantages of a more pan European presence."

"COPCI is very pleased to begin what will certainly be a long partnership with Cancarb," said Francois-Xavier du Passage, Managing Director of COPCI, "we are excited to offer Cancarb's Thermax® premium quality thermal carbon black to our customers throughout France and to work with them to create high quality engineered products with this specialty carbon black."

About Cancarb Limited
Cancarb is the global leader in the production and marketing of thermal carbon black with customers in 44 countries. Our plant, located in Alberta, Canada, uses state of the art technology to ensure that our Thermax® brand products are of the highest quality and consistency and are produced efficiently and in an environmentally responsible manner. Cancarb is a subsidiary of Tokai Carbon Co. Ltd. With more than 95 years' experience, Tokai Carbon is a global leader in carbon materials with operations in Carbon Black, Graphite Electrode, Fine Carbon and Friction Materials. For further details see

For further information, please contact:

Cancarb Limited: Ross Buchholz: +1.403.529.4327
Copci sas 1, impasse des Marais 74940 Annecy-le-Vieux France +33 4 50 09 52 00