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Cancarb Replaces DBP in Thermax® Testing

August 1, 2013 - Cancarb Limited has stopped using dibutyl phthalate (DBP) in its carbon black quality control laboratory. The chemical, deemed a substance of very high concern (SVHC) and forbidden by the EU Parliament at concentrations of >0.1% in plastic products, is historically used by carbon black producers in their quality control laboratories to determine the structure or aggregate morphology of carbon blacks.

The replacement product has been approved for use by ASTM based on a broad based study which included Cancarb.

DBP was previously used in our lab in an industry standard measurement called OAN (oil absorption number.) It has been successfully replaced by the epoxidized fatty acid ester (EFAE) Pionier TP 130 C, an oil derived from a natural source.” said Brent Paley, Cancarb’s Quality Assurance Manager. “Replacing DBP with a non- hazardous product which provides comparable results eliminates the need for this chemical in our QA laboratory and ultimately contributes to removing this SVHC from the market.”

About Cancarb Limited:

Cancarb is the global leader in the production and marketing of thermal carbon black with customers in 44 countries. Our plant, located in Alberta, Canada, uses state of the art technology to ensure that our Thermax® brand products are of the highest quality and consistency and are produced efficiently and in an environmentally responsible manner. Visit Cancarb our website at for more company information. Cancarb is owned and operated by TransCanada Corporation, TransCanada's common shares trade on the Toronto and New York stock exchanges under the symbol TRP.

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