Environment, Health and Safety

Protecting people and the environment is a critical aspect of everything we do and every decision we make at Cancarb.

Our company policy "Strive for 100% Perfect Days" supports our efforts to ensure that everyday safety and the environment are at the forefront of our activities.

A perfect day is one in which we have no incidents which have an adverse impact on the health and safety of our employees, community, or the environment. As we strive for 100% perfect days we rely on the cornerstones of our policy: satisfying customers, obeying all relevant regulations and laws, providing a safe workplace, preventing pollution, and continual improvement, to guide us. Through our compliance to the Alberta Enform/COR standard for health and safety, and certification to ISO14001:2015 standard for the environment, and our investments in emission reduction and efficiency improvement at our manufacturing site, we are committed to health, safety, and the environment.

Cancarb carefully selects business partners that share our values and contribute to our policy. Our global network of distributors ensure that no matter where you are located, you will have access to our products from a company that shares our ethics and vision to "Strive for 100% Perfect Days".